Pauliina Peltonen


Fluency in L2 Learning and Use

Fluency in L2 Learning and Use

This book brings together theoretical and empirical approaches to second language (L2) fluency and provides a state-of-the-art overview of current research on the topic. The strength of the volume lies in its interdisciplinarity: the chapters approach fluency from non-traditional starting points and go beyond disciplinary boundaries in their contributions. The volume includes chapters investigating fluency from an L2 perspective and integrates perspectives from related fields, such as psycholinguistics, sign language studies and L2 assessment. The book extends the common foci and approaches of fluency studies and offers new perspectives that enable readers to evaluate critically existing paradigms and models. This encourages the development of more comprehensive frameworks and directs future L2 fluency research into new areas of L2 learning and use.

Table of Contents

Read about the background and inspiration for the book

Read about the themes of the book (press release in Finnish)

Read about the release event for the book (in Finnish)

Tips for teaching L2 fluency based on the book (in Finnish)

Review of the book in Frontiers in Psychology (open access)

Review of the book in Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

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Lintunen Pekka, Mutta Maarit & Peltonen Pauliina (eds)
Second Language Acquisition
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Multilingual Matters
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